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"But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned..." I Timothy 3:14

The Solida School of the Bible is a two year program designed to help you learn God's Word, and continue daily in It.

Upon successful completion you will have a deeper knowledge of God's Word, and will graduate with a Bible certificate from the Crown College in Powell, TN.

2021 Fall Semester

SB103 – Basic Bible Doctrine I

Clear Bible teaching in the subjects of bibliology (the study of the Bible), theology (the study of God), Christology (the study of Jesus Christ), pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit), and angelology (the study of angels).  Bible answers are given to commonly asked questions concerning the Christian faith.

Teacher: Pastor Bruce Day

SB101 – Personal Evangelism

Practical instruction in witnessing to unbelievers and leading them to Jesus Christ. Emphasis is laid on key Bible principles relating to evangelism.  Students are taught how to use their personal testimony in witnessing and how to present the gospel clearly.

Teacher: Pastor Aaron Childers

SB102 – Survey of the Old Testament I

A survey of the Books of Law (Genesis through Deuteronomy) and the Historical Books (Joshua through Esther) of the Old Testament. The main theme of each book is highlighted along with other significant features including key words, key verses, and pictures of Christ.

Teacher: Bro. Luke Mikolowski

Class Times

Monday evenings beginning Sept. 13 – Nov. 29

SB103 – Basic Bible Doctrine I – 6:45 pm

SB101 – Personal Evangelism – 7:30 pm

SB102 – Survey of the Old Testament I – 8:15 pm

What Do I Need?

Bible (KJV)

We will use the Holy Bible (King James Version) for all class purposes, and you can expect to use it in each class period.

Class Workbook

This is included in the $25 registration fee, and will be provided when classes begin.

Additional Books

Each class has its own supplemental reading books that need to be purchased in advance. These will be listed in the Registration Form.

Join Us This Semester

Each class is only $25 for the semester. Register for all three classes by June 1st to receive $15 off!

Registration for the fall semester ends August 1st.

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